The Marina is protected by an outer North-South break-water which envelops a water mirror of more than 100.000 square meters subdivided in three basins with depths from 2.0 to 5.0 meters. The entrance to the Marina is from North. 885 berths, 70 of which reserved for transit, are distributed along:
- 13 Piers numbered from 1 to 13,
- 2 Wharfs: North and South Wharf,
- 1200 meters of Docks: North, Central, South,
- 700 meters of outer break-water.
Boats up to 28 meters long with 4.5 meters maximum draft can be hosted.

White flashes light: 2126(E1466); constant interval between two flashes 2 sec, range 7 nm located on the elbow of the outer break-water. (Dimmed inside the harbour).
Green flashes light: 2127 (E 1466.4) ); constant interval between two flashes 2 sec ,range 5 nm located on the North edge of the outer break-water.
Red flashes light: 2126.2 (E 1466.2);constant interval between two flashes 2 sec ,range 5 nm located on the head of the inner break-water .
Two green permanent lights inside the entrance of the harbour ,range 1 nm, delimiting the internal north edge of the outer break-water.
BERTHES: 885 berths, 70 of which reserved for transit. Boats up to 28 meters long with 4.5 meters maximum draft can be hosted.
MOORINGS: Mooring system consists of mother-chains clamped to concrete blocks casted into the sea bottom centreline of the sailing channels,
bollards and rings on the piers/docks/wharfs. Lines connecting rings and mother-chains, without buoys, are provided.
Sand and silt.
ACCESS: Keep starboard, max velocity 3 knots.
DEPTHS: From 2 to 4,5 meters at the berths.
RADIO: V.H.F. channels 09 and 16.
PREVAILING WINDS: Southeast, West, Northwest.
ADVERSE WINDS: North, Northeast.
NEAREST SHELTERED ROADS: Cala Violina and Cala Martina for winds from 1° and 2° quadrant; Beaches coast north of the harbour for winds from 1° 2° and 3° quadrant.
DANGERS: Shelves at a depth of 1.7 meters , located about 200 meters North of Hidalgo Point ,are identified by a flashing buoy, West Cardinal,50 meters West of the same Hidalgo Point. Attention must be paid to shallow sea bottom (1-2meters) East of the above mentioned Hidalgo Point.
RULES: Control tower must be contacted on VHF Channel 09 or by phone (0039 from abroad) 0564 922784 before entering the harbour.
SHIPYARD: The shipyard is provided with :basin for hauling and launching, travel lift of 100 t, mobile crane of 40 t, 6000 square meters yard for storage and maintenance ,engine repair, check up and repair of electronic and electric equipment, steel and woods works, sails and hulls repair. 
SERVICES AND FACILITIES: Gasoline station - Drinking and wash water close to each berth - Electric energy for each berth - Lighting of docks, piers, wharf - Fire-fighting service - Wastes collection - Meteo information - Car parking areas (to be requested to the Offices) - Mooring assistance - Shallow-water divers - Showers and Toilets - Nursery - First Aid (summertime) - H 24 Guard - Video surveillance - Supermarket and ice supply.