All of the Marina services are available for guests during sporting events. Thanks to the vast experience gained over many years of very high-level work both nationally and internationally, the Marina can guarantee regatta assistance and the organisation of supporting activates, as well as being able to offer a range of logistical options for both support areas and entire reserved jetties.


There's Sailing and there's sailing: Sailing with a capital "S" has been an important part of the Punta Ala Marina for at least three decades, from the times when you could easily come across His Highness of Spain Juan Carlos of Bourbon along the jetties, or his "peer" Harald of Norway, both passionate fans of regattas, without forgetting the legends of modern sailing like Paul Cayard, Francesco de Angelis, Dean Barker and Russell Coutts. They were the days of the European and World Championships of the most popular sailing classes, a period in which the Punta Ala Yacht Club organised some of the most important regattas of the international season and when the Punta Ala Marina transformed into kind of "La Scala" theatre for the sailing world, an extraordinary attraction for royalty, stars of the sea and dream boats. Nostalgic memories? Luckily not. In spite of the crisis of recent years which has hit the economy on all levels (and as a result, also sport), the key words have been "react" and "relaunch". In practical terms this has meant continued belief in sailing and resuming the organisation of first-class regattas, perhaps without the presence of renowned Royalty, but with hundreds of passionate sailors from all over Italy and beyond. This is how the 151 Miglia came about, the open water regatta organised by the Punta Ala Yacht Club together with the Repubblica Marinara Pisa Yacht Club (with direct involvement of the Punta Ala Marina), now in its 6th edition this event attracted 156 boats this year on the Livorno-Punta Ala route, navigating 151 miles between the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago. Or like the famous Gavitello d'Argento Trophy, a classic event in the national calendar spread over two weekends, the first open to monotype yachts and the second, called the Yacht Club Challenge Trophy Bruno Calandriello, created as a team competition for sailing clubs. This year there were 12 teams competing, representing 12 yacht clubs with three boats each, demonstrating how Punta Ala, with its spectacular regatta course and almost always perfect weather conditions, continues to be a strong attraction for those who are passionate about sailing.