Vehicle access within the Harbour, regulated as per the available terms, is permitted to authorised persons, based on the availability of berths and/or parking spaces.
Authorised persons are provided with a specific badge which must be displayed when requested. Access is also permitted to those who have been given specific permission by the Management for the loading or unloading equipment or goods. Access is provided for people with disabilities.
To drop off people or luggage, any other users of the Harbour with their own vehicle, trailer or other towing vehicle can access the closest point to the boat in question, as specified by the Management. On completion of the abovementioned operations, the vehicles must be parked accordingly in the designated parking areas within or outside the state-owned area.
Vehicle traffic within the Harbour must take place only in the designated areas and routes as shown by horizontal or vertical signs.
The maximum speed of vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles must not exceed 20 km/h and regulations about right of way and careful driving must be respected, in addition to the internal horizontal or vertical road signs. 


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