Port of Punta Ala state concession extended for 45 years – Concession deed for redevelopment and expansion signed

The concession deed for the redevelopment and expansion of the port was signed in Punta Ala in recent days. The document was signed by the president of the Marina di Punta Ala company, Alessandro Fantini, and the representative for the Municipality of Castiglione della Pescaia, Dr. Giannini.

“The act is very important – says Marco Corti, CEO of the Marina di Punta Ala – because it extends the maritime state concession of the port to the company Marina di Punta Ala by 45 years, moving the deadline forward from 15 June 2033 to 15 June 2078, in order to guarantee an adequate period of return for the huge investments that we will have to make for the expansion. A request that they made about five years ago and which finally, after a long authorization process, was formally accepted, leading to the completion of the deed. What will affect the port of Punta Ala will be a profound redevelopment intervention on the structures and services: the expansion will make it possible to improve reception, with a larger surface area dedicated to shipbuilding and the storage of boats, the area will be extended of mooring for transits, an area will be created for the mooring of charters and finally an area will be set up to accommodate mega and maxi-yachts.Punta Ala will thus become the only tourist port on the Tuscan coast to guarantee spaces and services dedicated to this type of customer. It is easy to understand how this innovation will give a strong boost to the development, not only of the entire port structure and the municipality of Castiglione della Pescaia, but of the entire Maremma territory. We are satisfied with having arrived this far, now we will focus on the next actions that will lead to the implementation of the planned interventions, starting from the closure of the design, up to obtaining the building permits and then there will be the part relating to the marketing and development of the an area that will see us involved for many years to come.”

“I want to underline the importance of the full and constant collaboration of the institutions, from the Region, to the Municipality, to other competent bodies in various capacities, in this long and complex process – states the lawyer Alessandro Fantini, president of the Marina of Punta Ala – despite a reference legislation which was the subject of various interventions by the legislator which were sometimes not adequately coordinated. The project finds its foundation in the Territorial Address Plan launched at the time by the Tuscany Region, which outlined a new vision of Tuscan ports according to which ports must not only be places of parking of boats but points of access from the sea to the hinterland;in accordance with this instrument, the municipal Structural Plan and the Port Master Plan for the redevelopment and expansion of the port of Punta Ala were subsequently adopted by the Municipality of Castiglione della Pescaia. The company Marina of Punta Ala has therefore entered this path by presenting its own project, aimed at the further redevelopment and valorisation of one of the main and already most appreciated Marinas of the Mediterranean, particularly attentive to sustainable development and the protection of natural, environmental resources and landscaping, with a huge, totally private investment and at no cost to the public sector which, indeed, will receive state fees amounting to several million euros during the concession. We are therefore satisfied not only for our members and users who will be able to benefit from the Marina for the entire new duration of the concession but for the entire territory, which will have a tourist port with great potential and which will be able to generate important and positive impacts in terms also economic and employment-related”.

“What we have managed to accomplish – declares the satisfied mayor of Castiglione della Pescaia Elena Nappi – will contribute, together with the choices that this municipal administration is carrying out on the hamlet, to bring new opportunities of wellbeing to the inhabitants of Punta Ala and to a vast related sector which goes beyond the borders of the Maremma. The Municipality has worked and will continue to do so in perfect synergy with the company Marina di Punta Ala because together we are convinced that we can enhance the great potential for tourist development of the Punta Ala area, where the port will increasingly be a landing point for quality tourism and a driver of tourism development capable of amplifying and adding value to the attractions of our historical and artistic heritage for which we are known throughout the world.”

In the photo from left: Avv. Edoardo Brusco, lawyer of the Marina of Punta Ala; Marco Corti administered king delegate of the Navy of Punta Ala spa; Federico Mazzarello deputy mayor with responsibility for state property policies of the Municipality of Castiglione della Pescaia; Alessandro Fantini president of the Marina di Punta Ala spa; Riccardo Masoni general secretary of the Municipality of Castiglione della Pescaia; Giorgia Giannini, responsible for the general and personal services sector of the Municipality of Castiglione della Pescaia; Elena Nappi mayor of Castiglione della Pescaia; engineer Francesco Muzzi, former president of the Marina di Punta Ala spa.